Daughter of Darkness

Sing, O Muse, a song of Death and the maiden….

Deina is trapped. Bound to the House of Hades as a Soul Severer, she’s responsible for shepherding souls through death to their rightful place in the Underworld. So when the tyrant Orpheus offers fortune and freedom to whichever Severer can bring his wife, Eurydice, back from the dead, Deina jumps at the chance.

But to suceed she must enter into an uneasy alliance with a band of fellow Severers: a fighter, a scholar, a singer and a thief. Together they will journey into the deadly realm of Hades. Deina’s freedom is within reach – but what will it take to claim it?

The Underworld awaits…

‘I was lost to this exquisitely crafted world. Daughter Of Darkness is everything I want in a fantasy and more.’ Mary Watson, author of Blood To Poison

‘This is s beautiful, breathtaking adventure through the world of Ancient Greece and the Greek Myths. Daughter Of Darkness puts a twisty, surprising spin on the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, with plenty of heartache and betrayal, and a trickster heroine who had me rooting for her from the very first line.’ Holly Race, author of Midnight’s Twins

‘Deliciously dark, dangerously exciting, absolutely immersive fantasy from two goddesses of storytelling.’ Sinéad O’Hart, author of The Time Tider

‘Rich with mythology, this twisty adventure spins a new story from old – one that will leave you breathless, broken and desperate for more.’ Bex Hogan, author of the Isles of Storm and Sorrow trilogy.

‘Steeped in blood, betrayal and mysticism, this is a deliciously dark tale of legendary proportions – a book of smart, savage beauty that kept me reacing long into the night.’ Josh Winning, author of The Shadow Glass

‘It’s beautiful, it’s gory, it’s fun, it’s heartbreaking, it’s funny and it’s a very good read…Very much recommend if you want a fun romp through a fantasy ancient Greece.’ Bea Fitzgerald, author of Girl, Goddess, Queen.

‘This book. Wow. I just finished the Arc and omg. Still in shock. Reeeeling. I need a minute.’ @stuck_in_the_book_loop

‘The Queens of fantasy have done it again. WOW. This was such an incredible first book in this series.’ @gaz_the_reader

‘Playing with history and legend…this story packs punches, death, betrayals, revelations and heartbreak that Homer and Euripedes would be proud of.’ @planet_beth91

‘I’ve just finished Daughter Of Darkness…at 4 am and I – I need some time to process besties, because what i just read – PHENOMENAL.’ @imogen.bookstagram

‘An absolute must read for all fantasy lovers.’ @twistedinpages

Published by Hot Key Books (Bonnier Books UK)

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