More to Explore: A Throne of Swans

The Nobel Houses of Solanum

All the nobles in Solanum (and in other countries too) belong to houses that relate to the type of bird they’re able to transform into. Each house has a crest, a motto and a particular colour (or colours) that’s used for flags and so on. At the time A Throne of Swans is set, the royal houses are those related to Cygnus; members of these houses can all transform into swans. Below we’ve listed some of the houses with their mottos. (Note: the beautiful Cygnus crest used in the book was designed by Sally Taylor. The crests below have been designed by Jamie-Lee Turner (available for commissions:

The House of Cygnus Chenorys



The primary royal house; members include King Albaric I, Prince Aron and Princess Odette

Motto: From Our Service Comes Our Power

Colours: Black and silver

The House of Cygnus Atratys


The house of the rulers of the dominion of Atratys. Current Protector: Aderyn of Atratys.

Motto: Count Not The Cost

Colours: Blue and silver


The House of Corax Anserys


A raven house. Main seat: the estate of Hatchlands, in the dominion of Atratys. Current head: Lord Lancelin of Anserys.

Motto: By flight, faith and fortitude

Colours: Grey and silver

The House of Cygnus Olorys


The house of the rulers of the dominion of Olorys. Current Protector: Aurik of Olorys. Heir: Lord Siegfried Redwing.

Motto: Strike First

Colours: Scarlet and orange

The House of Cygnus Brithys


The house of the rulers of the dominion of Brithys. Current Protector: Patrus of Brithys.

Motto: Mine and mine alone

Colours: Purple and silver