The Perks of Being a Bookworm

Georgie Penney

Now I’m finished with exams, I have been really getting back into the bookworm spirit and observing the age-old saying to never trust anyone who didn’t bring a book. So, with this in mind, here are some fantastic perks I’ve noticed to being a bookworm.

1. On the train, you can effortlessly avoid the oh-so-awkward eye contact with fellow human beings, by resolutely focussing on the words on your page.reading-on-the-train-gif

2. Having hundreds of books on your shelf makes it a great place to hide things, especially if everyone who lives with you avoids your bookshelf on principle.tumblr_m8j12xtyat1qd88tjo3_500.gif

3. You have a ready-made excuse never to talk to people if you don’t fancy

4. Reading can quite often make you seem like much more of an intellectual than you actually are.big-bang-theory-quotes-15.gif

5. A full shelf of books is truly

6. Carrying around books means you can always opt-out of…

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