British Books Challenge 2017

When we found out that the wonderful Chelle Toy from Tales of Yesterday was hosting the challenge this year, we decided we had to sign up. You can read all about the challenge (including how to sign up and a list of useful FAQs) on her blog here. Basically, the idea is to celebrate British writing by committing to reading and reviewing at least 12 books by UK authors (check out Chelle’s post to see who counts as a UK author) over the course of 2017. That’s only 1 book a month!

How hard can it be?

We haven’t completely decided what books we are going to read yet – there are an awful lot of brilliant books to choose from – but here are some that are definitely on our list:

Waiting for Callback: Take Two – Perdita & Honor Cargill

Freshers – Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison

The Shadow Keeper – Abi Elphinstone

Counting Stars – Keris Stainton

Day 7 – Kerry Drewery

How to Catch a Witch – Abie Longstaff

We’ve going for a mixture of new releases and books which are already on our (over-grown) TBR piles. We will be adding to the list above as we go through the year.

Roll on 2017!





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