Our first fan art

So here’s a piece of digital art by the wonderful Hayley Fraser (@HayleyFraser_x). It’s the scene when Merry first sees Jack coming out of the lake:


Jack grinned, and drew his sword. The blade was snapped off about a third of the way down. The broken edge was jagged and uneven.

But probably still sharp enough to kill me.

Merry had always thought of herself as strong. Tough, even, given all her sporting activities. But the shock of the King of Heart’s appearance, of the brutality and bloodlust written so clearly across his beautiful face, made her feel weak and exposed, like she might just shatter at his slightest touch –

‘Leo – help!’

Leo was pounding towards her across the grass, but he was going to be too late, she knew he was going to be too late –

The ground dipped, twisting her ankle, throwing her sprawling onto the grass.

Jack stood above her, silhouetted against the stars.

He raised the blade above his head –


We love this artwork – hope you do too!


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